Finding Help and Self Esteem with an Infertility Support Group

You've wanted to be a father for as long as you can remember. You've always been the kind of person who mentors a kid (yes, you were a Big Brother in college!) and you just know that you have lots of life lessons to pass onto any children that you might have someday. You really look up to your father, and want to follow in his example.

Unfortunately, it seems as if that won't be an option at the moment, since you're faced with infertility. You're not currently in a relationship, either. Your last girlfriend – the one that you were getting ready to propose to – left you after you admitted that you have a low sperm count. Your mother, always the voice of reason, told you that your infertility problems shouldn't have been the reason for her dumping you in the first place.

Now, you have low self esteem because of the way your last relationship ended. You not only worry that you'll never have kids because of your infertility, but you also will never find a woman who will accept the fact that your infertility might never be rectified.

Still, you remain hopeful that both of these problems will work out for the best, but you need some support. While on your way to work, you saw a flyer from a medical group, advertising support for people having trouble conceiving. You call the number and ask if single men are allowed, and told that of course they are. You look forward to meeting people like you, and feel grateful for the support.

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