Finding Out About Male Infertility

Many men are very excited to become fathers. They love the idea of being able to teach their sons how to play catch and other sports. If they have a daughter, they look forward to spoiling her and protecting her against future boyfriends.

However, sometimes these dreams are dashed when they are told that they have infertility issues. Now, usually when you think of infertility, you might actually associate it with just the woman half of the couple. Women are faced with infertility issues because of a variety of factors, such as endometriosis. However, amongst couples who are having trouble conceiving, males are the cause at least one third of the time.

So, what kind of infertility issues do men have? Well, the most prevalent of them is erectile issues. If a man is unable to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, then they will thus not be able to fertilize the woman's egg. When a man has this particular issue, then the first method of treatment is usually to give him an erectile dysfunction medication.

Although medication is usually effective, sometimes surgery might be needed if the muscles are improperly formed to begin with. In addition to erectile dysfunction, another problem that might cause performance problems for men is their sperm count. The sperm count is contingent upon the overall health of the male.

Several different things can affect the sperm count of a man. First of all, if the man has previously undergone treatment that involved either steroids or chemotherapy, then chances are that those are the reasons why their sperm count is severely depleted.

Believe it or not, stress is also a reason for low sperm count. When a man is exceedingly stressed, his hormones will react. The same can be said of a woman. Women who are extremely stressed out will not ovulate at all sometimes, and thus have very irregular periods that affect their chances of conception.

If a man has been diagnosed as having a low sperm count because of stress he might be given medication to soothe him. However, medication is generally only given for a short amount of time, because there is a risk of dependency. So, it is better for the man to instead focus on meditation, exercise, or other natural ways to combat stress.

Another problem that a man might have is the actual structure of his sperm. A sperm has to be incredibly strong to actually fertilize an egg. It has to swim up through the fallopian tubes and fight all the other sperm to get to that important egg. However, some men have sperm that is not nearly as strong as it should be.

Thus, a weak sperm has a very little chance of meeting the egg naturally, so in-vitro fertilization might be needed. Another thing that will need to be taken into consideration is the overall structure of the man's sperm. If the man has malformed sperm, then conception cannot take place. Thus, in such a situation, it is best to consider adoption.

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