Frequently Asked Questions People Might Have About the Surrogacy Process

When a couple feels the time is right to have a child, they actively begin having unprotected sex. Especially diligent couples will schedule their sexual intercourse sessions around the certain days of the month when it is determined that the woman is at her most fertile. However, after a year of trying without successfully being able to conceive, it is time to seek out the help of various medical procedures.

Once such medical procedure that has become increasingly more mainstream lately is surrogacy. This is a process in which a couple who is unable to conceive naturally hires a gestational carrier. That carrier has the fertilized egg of the couple implanted into her uterus, and then gestates the fetus for nine months until the baby is born.

So, what kinds of couples make particularly good candidates for surrogacy? Heterosexual couples who cannot conceive because of the female having frequent miscarriages (this is especially true in older women), as well as homosexual couples who require an egg donor. It is important to note that couples are not the only ones who can be candidates. Single men or women who have the means necessary to successfully take care of children are also candidates for surrogacy.

What is the process like for women who are interested in being gestational carriers? First of all, they will need to find the right clinic. The woman will need to figure out whether she will want to travel a considerable distance to this clinic or not. As for the ways that a woman might go about finding the right clinic, the internet, local publications, as well as women's interest magazines are all possible places to look.

It is important that a woman who wishes to become a gestational carrier choose a surrogacy clinic that is fully certified and has a high certified staff. Once she has made her selection, she will be asked to fill out an application form. This application form will include questions about her medical history and other background questions.

The ideal candidate to be a gestational carrier is a person who has already had children, and is no older than her early thirties. If the woman is married, she should have her spouse's full consent. If the woman is initially approved by the clinic, she will then be asked to come in for an interview and for a full physical and mental examination. If she passes these tests, she will then be placed on a list as an available gestational carrier.

As for the couple or the individual who is looking to hire a gestational carrier, they too will need to go about finding the right clinic, and might also have to undergo an application process. Generally, once they have found the right clinic and are explained all the rules and costs, they will be able to choose a gestational carrier from the application pool, or the gestational carrier will be able to choose them. Once the choice has been made, all participating parties will sign a contract, and then work together to bring a child into the world!

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