Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Surrogacy

Becoming a parent is one of the most important things that a person can achieve during their lifetime. However, due to certain circumstances, sometimes a woman is unable to give birth to her own children. That does not mean that she cannot still have a biological child.

Medical technology has now presented women with the option of entering into a surrogacy agreement. In this agreement, a gestational carrier is impregnated with the fertilized egg of the other woman, and carries the baby to term. Generally, people who elect to participate in surrogacy are childless couples (of any sexual orientation) or single, professional women.

In order to begin the surrogacy process, the woman who is looking to find a gestational carrier will, understandably, have many questions about surrogacy. The answers vary depending on which fertility clinic the woman chooses to go through.

With the popularity of the Internet, there are some women who actually find what they feel to be the ideal gestational carrier for their situation online, while still thought of as officially searching through the fertility clinic that they belong to. Generally, the clinic will allow this choice, but the chosen woman will have to first agree to the full application process that the clinic requires.

Another question that a woman might have is in regard to the various transfer methods available. Some women have tried other clinics for regular fertility treatments in order to become pregnant themselves. Thus, these women might have eggs in another clinic that could be transferred to the current clinic. In order for this process to be a successful one, the woman will have to closely work in conjunction with the regulations of the current clinic she belongs to.

Something else that many women will no doubt be wondering about is in reference to which procedure is better: implanting the gestational carrier with a frozen egg, or a fresh egg. The answer to this is that a fresh egg produces more instances of a pregnancy. However, it is important to note that, in conjunction with fertility treatment given to the gestational carrier, it might take several tries before a successful pregnancy happens.

Just as the woman who is choosing someone to carry her baby for her has many questions, so will the woman who has been selected for this special position. A lot of emphasis is generally placed on the amount of attention that is paid to the woman or couple waiting for their baby to arrive, but the carrier will want to know that she has support, too. For this reason, it is very important that she be reassured that yes, she will have all the support she needs.

This process is one that is becoming more popular, and it is actually one that brings people together who would never have met otherwise. Many couples actually end up being lifelong friends with the woman who carried their child for them. Thus, the woman helped to create a life, and gained a friendship along the way. This process is definitely a very fulfilling one for both parties.

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