Infertility: Finding Out the Causes and the Treatments

For most couples, the time comes when their relationship is not all about themselves anymore, but instead more about wanting to celebrate their love by having a family. So, the couple starts to actively start trying to have a family. Ideally, a couple should become pregnant within a few months of trying to conceive.

The possibility of infertility comes into focus when, after a year of actively having unprotected sex, the couple still has yet to conceive. Yes, some couples might end up conceiving after that point, but after a year of trying it is best to figure out if the couple is in need of infertility treatments.

First, it is very important to figure out what infertility symptoms are. Women who have abnormal or infrequent menstrual periods are at a significant risk of not being able to conceive naturally. Men who go through frequent hormonal changes (such as during one month, hair growth will be exceedingly noticeable, and the next hardly any hair growth will be visible) are also significantly at risk.

Additionally, a number of lifestyle factors can contribute to the infertility of a person. Not eating health food, indulging in too much alcohol, being stressed out all of the time – all of these can contribute to the problem. However it is very important to note that oftentimes it is the man, and not the woman, who is the source of not being able to conceive.

In order to become pregnant, the sperm much successfully reach the egg to fertilize it. If the man has a low sperm count, then it becomes increasingly more difficult for the actual conception to take place. However, the fact that the male has a low sperm count is not the only thing that could, for him, impair conception. The shape of the sperm is also very important. Some men actually have sperm that is irregularly shaped, and this also hinders conception.

Another thing to keep in mind for both men and women is the intake of caffeine and smoking. Caffeine is a stimulant that, when consumed on a regular basis, very much inhibits the endocrine system of both males and females. Smoking is the source of many health problems, as well as not being able to conceive, because of the many carcinogens that are being inhaled into the body.

So, once a couple has been definitively diagnosed as having conception problems, it is then very important to start on a treatment plan. The treatment plans vary, in accordance with the specific symptoms of the couple, as well as the couple's age. Sometimes, the specialist might simply suggest an increase of sexual activity, meaning having sex at least three times a week.

If men are having problems with their sperm or maintaining an erection, medication or surgery might be done, depending in the severity of the situation. As for women, the first option is fertility drugs, although surgery might be needed too. For couples who are having trouble conceiving, the most important thing to remember is that they are not alone.

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