Learning About Infertility

The human body is designed to procreate. It only makes sense that it is, because how else would the human race survive? While many couples are able to have children naturally, there are other couples who, because of genetics or some other reason, are unable to.

For these couples, infertility is an enormous obstacle. Before the advances in medical technology that are now available today, couples would just have to accept their infertility. But, now, there are numerous ways that a couple just might be able to have children of their own after all.

However, before those ways can be explored, the issue of infertility must be fully confirmed. Generally, a couple is considered to have infertility problems if the woman is able to get pregnant, but ends up frequently miscarrying, or if the couple has been trying to conceive for over a year without any success.

Unfortunately, women are usually the ones who are assumed to be the reason why a couple cannot conceive. However, various medical studies show that only one-third of conceptions inabilities can be attributed to the female. The other third has to do with male problems, and the final third has to do with couples in which both parties have physical problems that prevent them from conceiving.

So, what can affect a man's ability to have children? Well, a man can be born with a low sperm count, or sperm that is formed incorrectly and thus has problems reaching the egg to fertilize it. So, if a couple wants to have children, they should seek professional medical advice.

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