Learning About the Various Options That Are Available to Couples at Fertility Clinics

When a couple decides to have a child, there are many different things that they will need to do in preparation (not just actively having unprotected sex). Rather, the couple will need to make sure that they are financially and emotionally ready for the responsibility that having a child brings. Some couples are indeed as ready as any couple could possibly be in order to have a child, but for various reasons, find that they are not able to have a child.

This is the reason that many couples seek out the help of various fertility clinics. It is important to note that fertility clinics do not only help heterosexual couples; they also help homosexual couples. In order to have a better understanding of what these clinics do, it is important to first understand why some heterosexual couples have natural conception problems.

Two of the most common reasons for this are because the male has malformed sperm or a low sperm count, or because the woman has endometriosis or other uterine problems. When it comes to the problems that males have in regard to their sperm, if they have malformed sperm that means that it usually dies before it even reaches the egg to fertilize it. As for a low sperm count, it makes it even harder to conceive naturally because there is not enough sperm produced during ejaculation to fertilize the egg, either.

When it comes to the various problems that women could have when it comes to being able to conceive, endometriosis, which is a hardening of the uterus, is a common cause. There are two ways that endometriosis can be treated. The first way involves giving the woman medication, while the second way involves doing corrective surgery. As for other uterine problems, sometimes the woman's uterus is not able to naturally accommodate the attachment of the fertilized egg to its wall.

This is where fertility clinics come in. When a couple has been trying for a year to have a child, but without success, then that is a good indication that the couple has fertility problems. When the couple finds the right clinic, both the male and the female will need to be tested to determine what the problem is and then decide on a treatment.

For example, in the case of low sperm count, one treatment method involves artificial insemination, wherein the sperm is surgically placed into the fallopian tubes to increase the chances of fertilization. When it comes to fertility problems with the female, then a possible course of action to take is in vitro fertilization. In this treatment method, the sperm and eggs are fertilized in a laboratory.

After the woman has taken fertility medication in preparation, the fertilized eggs will be implanted in the hope that one of them will attach to the uterus, therefore starting a pregnancy. As for homosexual couples, fertility clinics offer donor options and gestational carrier options. So, no matter what the sexual orientation of a couple is, it is important to understand that they can have a family, thanks to medical technology advancements.

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