Making the Decision to Become an Egg Donor

There are lots of women who really would like to have children. However, because of various medical conditions, they might not be able to realize that dream. For these women, they have to rely upon the kindness of others to realize their dreams of motherhood.

This is where an egg donor comes in. Many people have heard about sperm donors, mostly because it seems very easy for men to donate their sperm. However, it is important to note that some women also choose to be an egg donor. There are many different reasons why they might make that choice.

Sometimes, such a choice is made by women who simply want to help others. These are the women who might have had children and know that they do not want anymore, but also know that there are many women out there who could benefit from their eggs. Or, they could be women who know that they are not interested in having children, so they would rather not see their healthy eggs go to waste.

Of course, sometimes women decide to become an egg donor because of the money (usually a couple thousand dollars) that can be earned from donating. All one needs to do is read a woman's magazine to see at least one of these kinds of advertisements. However, the reality is that becoming a donor requires far more than just the desire to earn some extra money, and that is how it should be.

The first thing that a woman who is interested in becoming an egg donor will need to do is find a reputable agency. The agency should have the full cooperation of respected fertility professionals. Once the woman has found an agency that she would feel comfortable donating to, then she needs to fill out an initial application.

The application will consist of basic background questions. Once that initial application has been approved, the next step is to have a face-to-face meeting with a representative of the agency. At this meeting, more questions will be asked, and then there will be an appointment made to have the woman examined by a doctor.

Actually, most agencies require a psychological and physical examination, because to be a donor, the woman needs to be well-adjusted and physically healthy. Women who pass both tests to the agency's satisfaction will then need to sign various confidentiality documents, wherein they acknowledge that the eggs they donate no longer become their property in any way. It will also be a financial agreement wherein the agency agrees, upon successful extraction of the eggs, to pay the donor a sum that both parties agree upon.

The woman will then, as the last step, have to undergo a surgical procedure in order to have the eggs extracted. The eggs will then be taken to a bank, wherein they will be tested to make sure they are healthy, and then given to those who require that the donor meet the physical and intellectual qualifications that the donor has.

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