Qualities That Successful Egg Donor Candidates Should Have

When a couple finds out that they cannot have a child naturally, it can really come as quite a shock to them. In the old days, their only alternative would be to adopt. However, in an age where medical technology is becoming more and more advanced, couples, as well as people who are looking to make a positive difference in someone's lives, have more options than ever before.

For example, women who know that they are not at a point in their lives where they want to have children, but at the same time want to make a difference, might have the option of becoming an egg donor. An egg donor is basically a woman who, through a small surgical procedure, donates a specific amount of eggs to a fertility clinic, and is, in turn, reimbursed.

Now, it is important to note that many women are, unfortunately, more persuaded to become an egg donor because of the financial reward than anything else. This is because various clinics attract women saying that they can make thousands of dollars in a short amount of time. Well, thousands of dollars can be made, but a detailed process is both necessary, and required.

First of all, the egg donor should fall within the right age bracket. Many clinics, for example, prefer to select women who are in college or college graduates, since intelligence is definitely something that those looking for a donor are interested in. In fact, many clinics advertise for donors on various college websites. As for the age of the candidates, it usually ranges from their early twenties, to their early thirties.

Women who have an interest in becoming a donor will first need to do their research on the various clinics that are available. Each clinic, though required by law to adhere to a certain set of rules, will still differ slightly on the donor selection process.

However, what generally happens first is that the prospective donor fills out an application. This application is usually quite detailed, with questions about the woman's physical appearance, education, heritage, and health history. Once the initial application has been submitted to the clinic, the woman will then have to wait a while for a response, although some clinics respond quickly.

If the woman seems to be a good candidate, then the clinic will contact her and arrange a meeting with a representative. The representative will discuss the process more in detail with the woman, and also arrange to have the woman tested both physically and mentally to make sure that her health is optimal.

Once the woman has successfully passed all applicable tests, the next stage is finalizing all legal documents. The documents usually include such information as whether or not she wants certain information shared to the people who will be using her eggs, and agreements on her overall financial reimbursement. Making the decision to become a donor is an important one, so it is important that in advance the woman do her research.

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