Teaching Your Teenage Daughter About Menstruation and Fertility

All parents will agree that the time between when a child is a baby, and when that child becomes a teenager, goes by entirely too fast. As the parent of a teenaged daughter, you will have to deal with mood swings and dating issue.

While you might think that those two things alone are more than enough to deal with, you will still have to talk to her about menstruation, and subsequently, fertility. Now, some parents decide to leave this up to the sexual education classes at school, but sometimes a girl's fertility process (meaning menstruation) happens earlier than they actually have a chance to take the sexual education class!

When it comes to discussing menstruation and fertility topics with your teenage daughter, if possible the mother should be the only to give the teenager "the talk". If the father tries to talk about anything that relates to feminine fertility, chances are that the teenager will emerge from such a discussion more confused than anything else.

Unfortunately, some teenage females do not have a mother or a female role model in their life, so they often end up menstruating before they even have a clue what that means. Everyone has at least heard a story where a girl starts menstruating and thinks that she's actually hemorrhaging!

So, how can you, as a mother, discuss "all things fertility"? Think back to when you were at that age and your mother talked to you. Was it an effective discussion, or did it leave you with more questions? Do not just rush into the conversation. Take some time to make a short list of points that you need to cover beforehand.

Something that you absolutely need to make sure that you do is make it relatable. What does this mean? You cannot just go into the conversation with a textbook definition of all the different things your daughter will need to know in order to keep herself protected. Include a little bit of self-deprecating humor. And yes, weird analogies work well, because as ridiculous as your teenager might think they are, she will remember them.

While you can start off with a basic discussion about menstruation, you are going to have to throw in the "birds and the bees" talk. This actually will probably be easier than it would have been, say, fifty years ago when television was not risqué. Additionally, you will have to discuss protection, which is probably the most important part of the talk.

Too many teenagers these days are having premarital sex without protection. The girls don't want to admit that they're having sex, and thus won't get the birth control pills that are needed. The guys don't want to be caught buying condoms, either. Well, they will certainly get the shock of their lives if they find out that they are going to have a child. Explain to your daughter that you have no wish to become a grandmother anytime soon, and also mention the perils of sexually transmitted diseases for good measure.

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