The Sources of Fertility Problems in Couples

Having a child is something that many couples, once they start trying to do so, think will come easily to them. While this is true for some couples, for others the road to getting pregnant takes considerably more effort. Some couples just continue to have unprotected intercourse in the hopes that it will happen naturally, while others seek out various medical procedures for conception.

Before a couple starts thinking about seeking the advice of medical professionals, it is important that they first understand when it becomes evident that they do indeed have fertility problems. Generally, if a couple has been having active intercourse for over a year without being able to have children, then that is an indication that they might not be able to naturally conceive.

Unfortunately, some couples start bickering, each blaming the other for the source of their fertility problems. However, before the couple starts blaming each other, it is important that they evaluate their lifestyle. First of all, obesity has a lot to do with affecting fertility. Why? Because with obesity comes a sluggish metabolism, and health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

So, if either or both people in a couple are extremely overweight, they should immediately start eating healthy foods in the right portions. One particularly useful thing to do when it comes to changing a diet is to include a lot of fiber in the form of whole grain breads, because that will help to speed up metabolism, thus burning more calories during the digestion process. Of course, exercise is also an important aspect of losing weight.

If obesity does not seem to be the main cause of the fertility problems, then another thing that should be looked into is stress. Stress is something that millions of people deal with on a regular basis, and it can definitely lead to destructive behavior, such as drinking and doing drugs. Plus, stress can affect the sexual performance of a couple, which can thus lead to conception problems.

If the couple evaluates their respective lifestyles and finds that they really do not have any of these lifestyle issues, then it is time to check on their medical health. Some kinds of medications result in both sexual and physical side effects, so if either or both people in the couple are on medications that have those potential side effects, they should have their medication either changed or adjusted.

Sometimes there are reproductive issues that will cause a couple to have trouble conceiving. For example, if a man has a low sperm count, then the chances of the sperm being able to reach and fertilize the egg are significantly decreased. A man might also have weak or malformed sperm, or erectile dysfunction. In the case of the female, she might have a malformed uterus, or perhaps endometriosis, which is a hardening of the uterus.Whatever the source of the conception problems might be, it is very important for the couple to each get checked out by their physicians.

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