There's No More Rewarding Job Than Being an Infertility Specialist

There are many couples around the world that have reached the point in their relationship in which they would like to start having children. Some couples conceive as soon as they start actually trying. For other couples, it is not as easy.

An infertility specialist is a doctor whose goal it is to help those couples that have been trying to conceive for over a year with no success. However, for women who are over thirty-five years old, they should consider seeing a fertility specialist after having tried for six months. It is the job of the infertility specialist to isolate the variables in the situation, and figure out why the couple hasn't yet conceived.

 When a couple is first referred to an infertility specialist, they will need to set up an appointment for a consultation. During this consultation, the specialist will need to know answers to basic questions, like if the woman has already been diagnosed with a medical condition such as endometriosis. The male will also be asked various questions as to things like his sperm count.

 Also, the couple should be prepared to discuss their previous medical history in its entirety. Once this has been related to the specialist, the next step is for the woman to have a full physical exam. During the exam, the woman should ideally also undergo a pelvic ultrasound. This way, the specialist can tell if the woman has irregularities such as blocked fallopian tubes.

 Next, the specialist will want to find out what the woman's egg count is. This is usually done through a vaginal ultrasound. In addition to this, the woman's menstrual cycle will need to be discussed. If the woman has had very few periods during her lifetime, then she might possibly have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Such a syndrome can often be treated with some medication.

 The man will also have to undergo a physical exam and testing. First of all, the man's semen will need to be analyzed. Actually, this procedure should be one of the first that the specialist does – even before the woman is tested. The reason for this is because the semen testing is very basic compared to the tests that a woman will have to undergo, and if it is discovered that the man is the source of the infertility problem, then that saves the woman from having to be as extensively tested.

 Blood tests might also be done on the couple, but that depends on the couple's medical situation. Once the cumulative results from all of the tests have been compiled, the specialist can then make a decision as to how to proceed. Some couples might only need some medicine or ovulation therapy, while other couples might need surgical intervention. Since each couple's situation is different, it is impossible to determine the exact price of a specialist's services. However, for those couples who decided to move ahead with in-vitro fertilization, they should expect to pay a few thousand dollars. However, with the proper financial situation and treatment, many couples happily welcome their new baby!


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