Traits of the Ideal Surrogacy Candidate

Being able to carry a child is many different things to many different women. Some women love to be pregnant and have many children. Other women are somewhat conflicted about pregnancy, and either wait until they are older to have children, or do not have children at all. Then there are the people who want to have children, but are unable to.

For the last group, they have the option of looking into having a surrogacy candidate. This is a topic that some people are still unsure about, but that is mostly because they are unsure of what it actually entails. Some surrogacy candidates are actually family members of the woman who is unable to carry a baby.

Whatever the situation, it is important for all interested parties to make sure that they are aware of what the surrogacy process entails from the standpoint of who makes an ideal candidate. First of all, in order to be a good candidate for surrogacy, the woman must have already had children of her own. She must also be physically and mentally healthy, as well as in her mid twenties to mid thirties.

The process starts will an application, in which the woman who is interested in being a surrogacy candidate will need to include her medical history. Once the application has been evaluated, the woman will be interviewed by the clinic she applied for be a gestational carrier. If all goes well, she will be accepted into the program, and matched with a couple.

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