What Could Cause Infertility in Men?

When a couple has trouble conceiving, it is usually the woman who is blamed for the unfortunate situation. This misunderstanding is rooted in the knowledge that it is the woman, and not the man, who has to carry the baby for nine months. However, the reality is that in at least a third of couples who are having trouble conceiving, the male is the cause.

What kinds of factors can contribute to male infertility? There are actually many, but one of the first causes has to do with emotional factors. Men who are suffering from anxiety or depression tend to have a lower sperm count, mainly because theses moods affect their hormonal systems. Their sexual performance could be hindered by their moods as well.

Many men have to with low sperm count as being a source of their infertility. A couple should be able to conceive within a year of actively trying to do so. In order to fertilize the egg, the sperm has to make a journey up the fallopian tubes. The more sperm that are strong enough to make it up the fallopian tubes, the better the chances of fertilization taking place. Thus, men who have low sperm counts are technically able to conceive naturally, but the process can take all that much longer, or never happen at all without the help of infertility experts.

Sometimes, a low sperm count can be a side effect of a medication that a man is taking. In such an instance, it is important for the male to discuss with his doctor other medications, or perhaps a dosage adjustment. Another thing that the man can do is give sperm samples, and thereby agree to the sperm being used in artificial insemination in order to increase the chances of her becoming pregnant.

Then again, a man might have a high sperm count, but the problem has to do with the way that the sperm is formed. In order to successful in fertilizing an egg, the sperm has to be strong and correctly shaped. Otherwise, the sperm will die en route to the egg. Sometimes, there can actually be genetic issues that contribute to this subcategory of impotency. Although this is not something that is done today, too much in-breeding was a cause of much of these problems.

Aside from genetic causes, there are several different reasons why a man might have malformed sperm. Again, a reason could be because of the side effects of various medications. Additionally, men who have drug or alcohol problems also can have their sperm affected. In order to find out the status of one's sperm for sure, it is necessary that the man have detailed tests done at a fertility clinic.

Another cause of infertility in men is erectile dysfunction. When this happens, a man can't efficiently have sex, and thus natural fertilization cannot occur. Erectile dysfunction can be caused because of such medical conditions as high blood pressure or age. In such a situation, the male will need to discuss the various treatment options (which often include medicine) with their doctor.

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