What to Expect at an Egg Donor Clinic

Some women just know that they are not the kind of people who wish to have children. They are healthy and in careers, and they would rather focus on that then on children. However, some women become intrigued with the idea of donating their eggs to couples who are unable to have their own children.

So, these women will need to seek out an egg donor clinic in order to get the process started. There are many different ways that a woman might come in contact with an egg donor clinic. One of those ways is through a local newspaper, or even through a national woman's magazine, since clinics have a tendency to advertise through those mediums. They can also ask their doctor to refer them to one that they might know of.

The egg donor clinic will have any prospective donor fill out an application form. On this application form there will be questions asking about mental, physical, and sexual health (such as whether she has regular periods, etc.). They will also have a doctor from the clinic examine the woman.

If the woman is deemed a good candidate, then an appointment will be made for the woman to talk with a representative from the egg donor clinic. The representative will have the woman sign various legal documents relinquishing any rights to the eggs after they have been donated. The clinic will pay for the minor surgery that is required to extract the eggs, and the woman will be paid for her donation.

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