Why Surrogacy Can be the Most Important Choice of Your Life

It has been remarked upon that if everyone simply helped each other, they would make the world an infinitely better place. There is indeed a lot of things that people can do to really make a difference in another person's life. Take, for example, the position of a healthy woman. She holds the power to make the dreams of a childless couple come true.

Surrogacy is something that has been practiced for several decades now. Specifically, it involves the fertilized egg of a couple being implanted into the uterus of another woman, who will then carry the couple's baby to term. There are a number of different reasons why many women decide to enter into the surrogacy process.

First of all, the main characteristic that women who choose to do this should have is that of compassion. There are thousands of couples around the world who could provide a loving home to their children, but for various reasons have not been able to conceive on their own. For example, the woman in the couple might be able to get pregnant, but cannot carry the baby to term because the egg has trouble attaching itself to the wall of the uterus. Or, perhaps the male's sperm is too weak to successfully reach the woman's egg.

 Whatever the situation, surrogacy has given many couples the chance to have their own biological children. The process begins with the woman submitting an application to a fertility agency. The application will contain detailed questions, so it is best for the woman to make sure that she answers each one with the utmost thought. Sometimes, the applications will also ask for the woman to submit a photo of herself, as well as any children that she might already have.

 When the woman is accepted into the fertility agency, the process of selecting a couple will work either one or two ways, depending on the agency. In the first way, the woman will be able to select the couple. In such a scenario, the couple will also have to submit an application, wherein they will answer questions pertaining to their background, as well as what their goals are for the surrogacy experience.

 A woman should not go into this as a gestational carrier thinking that she will be on her own to find medical care. Indeed, all of her medical bills pertaining to the pregnancy will be taken care of, and the couple will act as her support system throughout. In fact, the couple will also most likely accompany her on all of her appointments pertaining to their baby.

 Once the baby is born, the gestational carrier will be paid the amount of money that is agreed upon on the contract she signed with the couple. The relationship between the gestational carrier and the couple should have, by now, evolved into a close friendship. In some cases, a relative has actually volunteered to be the gestational carrier! Regardless of the situation, the reality is that these three people have formed a special bond that will last a lifetime.


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