Why You'll Never Get Tubal Reversal

You're not the kind of woman who's into the whole idea of having children. Children are cute, but they're not exactly something that you'd want to quit your job to raise. You always said that if you ever had kids, you'd be the only one to raise them. Well, considering that you're the boss at a financial company, it looks as if you simply won't have time to.

So, you went right ahead and had your tubes blocked – not even thinking about tubal reversal sometime in the future. Maybe it was a little drastic to have your tubes blocked in the first place, but darn it, you wanted to have sex with your husband and not have to worry about the pitter patter of little feet as a result.

When you first went in for the procedure to have your fallopian tubes blocked, your doctor told you that there was a chance that the results would be permanent, and tubal reversal might not be able to be done. You said that was fine, you just wanted the security of knowing you wouldn't get pregnant anytime soon.

Of course, your friends and family thought all of that was a bit harsh and urged you to get a tubal reversal sooner rather than later. After all, children are lots of fun, and they teach you a lot about responsibility and who you are as a person. You simply nodded in mock agreement. You knew that you had to be a responsible parent to begin with. You're already like a parent to your employees, but at least you don't have to change their diapers.

Maybe it was a sign, but all your friends started getting pregnant around the same time. You at first laughed, and then attributed it to there being something in the water. You got swept up in all of the shopping and preparations for the baby showers. One of your friends said that you should get a tubal reversal as soon as possible – after all, it takes a few months for the average woman who's trying to get pregnant to actually become pregnant in the first place. Wouldn't it be fun if all of your children could grow up together?

Well, it would be interesting, you agree. However, you're simply not at the point in your life where you feel ready to be a mother. You just really got your career off the ground, and it's true what those after school specials said, "having a baby changes everything." Then, of course, you were asked if your husband was hoping you'd change your mind about children in the near future. You're lucky enough to have a husband who respects your decisions on the parenting front. You've never been a follower – always more of a leader. So why in heck aren't any of your friends choosing to not have kids? After all, it gives them more time to enjoy each other, and no more added stress – there's enough stress as it is in the workplace!

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