Is Reversing a Tubal Ligation Possible?

Simply put, yes, it is possible to reverse a tubal ligation through a process known as tubal reversal. When women decide that they are done having children, or do not want to have children period, many of these women later realize that they do want the possibility of having more children. Women considering a tubal reversal in the New Orleans area should speak to a professional that offers this procedure and is knowledgeable about the process.

Before undergoing any procedure, patients should be sure that they are a good candidate to receive the treatment. Women who did not receive major damage to their tissue during the tubal ligation procedure are good candidates for a tubal reversal. If the tissue of the fallopian tube was damaged during the ligation, then tubal reversal may not be possible. Patients should speak to a medical professional for more information about their own candidacy for this procedure. A tubal reversal may help with pregnancy only if both the man and the woman are fertile and do not have any underlying fertility problems.

Women who undergo this procedure often meet high pregnancy rates. However, possible risks of a tubal reversal include bleeding, infection, damage to other body parts and other risks associated with any procedure that requires a general or local anesthetic. Patients should always discuss their individual case with the doctor to determine which risks may present complications down the road or during and after surgery.

This procedure may take anywhere from one to two hours and requires a general or local anesthetic. Some physicians may take a couple of hours to complete this procedure, while others may try to reduce the operating and recovery time by keeping the procedure under an hour. Patients should discuss this matter with a physician to determine which route would be best for them.

The way in which the surgeon performs the procedure will depend on how the original tubal ligation was performed. Patients should discuss this with their physician for more information. Patients should also discuss recovery time and what is expected of them as their body recovers. Typically, patients take about two weeks before making a full recovery following surgery. However, each patient's body is different and the time it takes each patient to heal will vary.

Patients in the New Orleans area who wish to learn more about tubal reversal procedures should speak to a health care professional specializing in fertility surgery and treatment. This procedure can be costly, so patients should discuss all possible aspects of the surgery and possible benefits before making a final decision on whether this procedure is right for them.

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