Can a Massage Offer Fertility Benefits?

As strange as it may sound, patients in the Seattle area have found that a massage may in fact offer benefits to fertility. There are always researchers and doctors who are willing to try new and innovative techniques to help their patients reach their goals. This is one such instance when the innovative nature of many people in the medical field has paid off for patients having trouble with fertility. The fertility massage may differ from a traditional massage in several ways. The goal of this procedure is to loosen entangled tissue and to free the reproductive organs.

By combining acupuncture, abdominal massage techniques and reflexology points, doctors are able to assist in stimulating their patients' bodies' natural hormones. They also increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs. There have been scientific studies that have shown fertility massage to be an effective weapon in cases of infertility. Patients should always consult with a physician for more information about this procedure and to determine if fertility massage may help with their individual case.

Several techniques may be used in this treatment. Reflexology is one such technique that may prove helpful. This method involves massaging areas of the hands and the feet that correspond with the areas of the body being treated. Reflexology is based on the belief that parts of the hands and feet correlate with internal organs including those that may be the cause of infertility. Also known as zone therapy, this treatment holds that the hands and feet help establish the tension level for the whole body. By massaging the hands and the feet, practitioners of this technique believe that it interrupts stress and relaxes the entire body. There have been studies on this procedure that suggest it may be effective against infertility, but more scientific tests are needed.

The Wurn Technique is used to assist with fertility and to help women who experience pain during intercourse. This technique is meant to break down adhesions in the pelvic region, which may be very painful and could block the fallopian tubes. This technique involves the gentle manipulation and stretching of the soft tissue around the affected area, which often includes the abdomen, pelvis and sacrum. This procedure is performed by hand and may last for an extended period of time. Research indicates that this technique can be helpful in treating infertility.

Another technique used in fertility massage is the Reiki technique. This technique is a Japanese method for helping patients relax, reduce stress and promote healing. Practitioners of this technique use their hands to channel the body's energy accordingly. Although many women point to this technique as helping them overcome infertility problems, there have been no tests or studies conducted to confirm this.

Fertility massage is a treatment designed to help the body better handle stress. When couples experience infertility problems, a large amount of stress may be placed on both of their minds. This may further the problem. Many women are hindered in their fertility goals by stress, as stress may increase the amount of hormones in the body that prevent the implantation of an egg. Fertility massage will help to reduce stress, increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, stimulate hormone production and strengthen the immune system.

Patients in the Seattle, Washington area who want to know more about the possibilities that fertility massage therapy can bring should consult a massage therapist at a clinic offering this treatment. A massage therapist that specializes in fertility massage may be found at a fertility clinic.

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