The Benefits of Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a technique that allows women in Oceanside, California and around the nation to freeze their eggs for use in fertility treatment at a later date. Women about to undergo chemotherapy or other cancer treatments may find egg freezing an attractive option. Those who are undergoing treatment for cancer may freeze their eggs in case they are damaged during treatment. This keeps the option open for women to have children after cancer treatment.

This procedure is still considered experimental by some organizations, so patients are encouraged to speak with a medical professional regarding the risks and benefits of the service. There are no guarantees of success with egg freezing, and this should be understood going into the procedure. Less than 10% of unfertilized eggs may survive the thawing process. While the structure may survive, some may not be used in fertilization. Speaking with a qualified fertility specialist at a reputable clinic in the Oceanside area is the best resource for information regarding the risks of egg freezing.

The hormone therapy used to allow women to produce a large amount of eggs may have its own side effects, so women are encouraged to explore these possibilities. Women who are getting older may freeze healthy eggs for use after menopause. Egg production stops at menopause and older women may be more likely to have eggs with genetic defects, so freezing eggs at a younger age allows women to keep the option open of having children past menopause.

In performing this procedure, the woman will undergo weeks of hormone therapy to help her produce a large number of eggs. Multiple eggs will be frozen to achieve a higher success rate. The eggs are extracted using a needle that is inserted through the vagina, using ultrasound for guidance. The patient will be sedated during the procedure, which is typically performed at a fertility clinic on an outpatient basis.

Two different freezing processes are utilized in egg freezing, or cryopreservation: slow freeze and vitrification. Slow freeze freezes the eggs gradually, while vitrification is a new procedure that freezes eggs quickly. Interested patients should discuss the two freezing processes with an experienced fertility specialist.

There are several reasons that women may choose egg freezing. Some may want to first pursue a career or their education before having children, or have not yet found a partner, while others turn to egg freezing to preserve a certain number of eggs before they go through invasive medical procedures or treatments that may harm their eggs. Patients are encouraged to discuss the possibilities with a qualified fertility specialist at a reputable Oceanside fertility clinic. This is the best resource for information regarding egg freezing and fertility procedures.

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