You Have Options! Financing Your Fertility Treatments

For many couples struggling with infertility, in vitro fertilization and other ART (assisted reproductive technology) procedures provide welcome sources of hope. For some, affording these procedures can be a challenge. But with the number of options available, couples no longer have to let finances be a roadblock on the path to parenthood.

Consider these tips when planning the best way to afford your treatment:

Learn about insurance coverage. Every plan is different, and may or may not cover fertility treatments. Even if your insurance provider doesn’t cover the treatment, insurance may provide assistance with diagnostic procedures like blood and hormone testing.

Explore alternative financing. Flexible spending plans are available with some employers that allow employees to deduct a small amount out of their paycheck to finance medical treatments that insurance doesn’t typically cover.

Talk to your specialist. Some clinics offer in-house financing options to help patients afford their treatments, and may be able to customize payment plans to fit your needs.

Investigate outside resources. In recent years, specialized lending brokers have become available that are specifically focused around helping couples treat their infertility. Talking with your specialist or the facility’s office manager is a great way to find out if they have an existing relationship with a finance company.

Consider all of your financial options, and discuss them with your specialist. Don’t let financial challenges keep you from realizing your dreams.

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