IVF by the Numbers

When many couples feel ready to start a family together, they encounter challenges that keep them from making their dream a reality. For many of these couples, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) provides a helpful pathway leading to a successful pregnancy. If you are exploring fertility options, consider these statistics and facts about IVF:


·         You aren’t alone: in the US, millions of couples struggle with infertility.

·         In-Vitro Fertilization is the most popular fertility treatment; 99% of ART (assisted reproductive therapy) pregnancies are the result of IVF treatment.

·         IVF success rates are high in the United States. A study performed in 2002 showed that at the time, nearly 300,000 babies conceived through assisted reproductive technology had been born.

·         Pregnancies conceived with IVF are usually normal; miscarriage rates and ectopic pregnancy rates are about the same in pregnancies achieved naturally and via IVF.


Assisted reproductive technologies like In-Vitro Fertilization can provide solutions and avenues of hope for those struggling to bring a child into the world. Learning more about today’s fertility technology could be the turning point on a couple’s road to pregnancy.



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