Will a Massage Really Improve Fertility?

When they think about fertility treatments, a lot of couples and individuals in San Jose, California and in other parts of the nation often think of in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies. However, alternative treatments such as massage have been shown to be effective in relieving stress and stimulating the reproductive organs. Stress is considered a possible inhibitor to fertility and many couples are guilty of stressing over conceiving. In many cases, the desire to get pregnant is so strong that it stresses the couple to the point that it may actually reduce their chances of conception.

Massage is used by many individuals for purposes other than to improve their fertility. In most cases it is used as a means to relieve sore muscles and to relax. The idea behind massage for fertility is similar. There are three types of fertility massage and patients should discuss each with a fertility specialist in greater detail.

Reflexology is a technique that involves massaging parts of the feet and hands that correspond with the areas of the body that are being treated. The massage technique is based on the belief that certain areas of the hands and feet have a direct correlation with certain internal organs. In this technique, the areas of the hands and feet that are thought to correspond with reproductive organs are massaged. Those that practice this type of massage believe that the hands and feet are instrumental in establishing the tension throughout the body. By massaging these areas, they believe they are relieving this tension. In regards to its effectiveness, many studies point to this being an effective treatment, although many agree that further research is needed.

The Wurn Technique is another type of fertility massage. This treatment is meant to decrease the discomfort that some women feel during intercourse. The massage is intended to break down any adhesions in the pelvic region, as these may be painful and can sometimes block the fallopian tubes. Pressure is applied to the affected area and the adhesions are broken apart by gently manipulating and massaging the area for a period of time. Research has indicated that this is an effective tool in fighting infertility. Women who are interested should consult a fertility specialist to determine if they are a good candidate.

The Reiki technique works by helping patients relax, relieve stress and promote healing. This technique is based on the belief that there is a life energy flowing through all living things. Technicians manipulate the life energy by laying their hands on the patient's head and then moving their hands down the patient's body to channel the energy appropriately. There is no scientific evidence supporting that Reiki is effective in relieving infertility, although some women have said it has helped them overcome the condition.

Those experiencing infertility should discuss massage for fertility with a specialist in the San Jose area. In some cases, this and other alternative treatments are used in conjunction with traditional treatments.

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