Surrogacy: to Give is to Receive

For some couples, even the advances in modern medical technology are unable to help them become parents in a traditional way. While there are a number of non-traditional ways that infertile couples can become parents, surrogacy is becoming an increasingly popular option. It has also become very popular for single men and women who long for a child of their own.

In a surrogacy arrangement, a woman is chosen to carry a baby with the intent of delivering a baby for the infertile parents. There is no greater gift a woman can give than becoming a surrogate mother for a couple in need.

Surrogacy can be arranged in two different forms. In ‘traditional surrogacy,’ the surrogate is actually the biological mother. The father may be a sperm donor or the male in the couple who arranged the surrogacy. In ‘gestational surrogacy,’ the surrogate mother becomes a vessel to nurture an embryo created from the genetic material of the hopeful couple. Whatever option you choose, the journey results in a child welcomed into the world by loving parents.

The path to parenthood can be full of unexpected turns, but with the multitude of options available, your destination might be right around the corner. To learn more about surrogacy or to set up a consultation, contact a local facility.

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