Types of Fertility Massage

Seeking alternative fertility treatments such as acupuncture and massage is not uncommon in Portland, Oregon and in other parts of the country. Some may choose to try these non-traditional approaches to improving fertility before they undergo other, more traditional options, while some choose to use alternative treatment options as a supplement to the traditional procedure they're undergoing. If you're going through in vitro fertilization or other assisted reproductive technologies (ART), speak with your fertility doctor regarding acupuncture and massage to help determine if these may be viable options for you and may have a positive impact on your fertility or the success of the procedure.

There are a few types of fertility massage which patients may receive and considering each option is often helpful. A specialist will often provide greater insight into which may be right for you based on various factors. One type of fertility massage is called reflexology. This involves the massaging of the hands and feet in certain parts that practitioners believe correspond with various internal organs including those that may contribute to fertility problems. Some may call this zone therapy. The belief is that the hands and feet may contribute to the tension level in other parts of the body, and by massaging certain areas it may also have a positive impact on relieving stress in tension on corresponding areas.

The Wurn Technique is another type of fertility massage. This technique is used for women who may experience pain during intercourse, as it focuses on the pelvic region to break up adhesions in the area. The adhesions that may be present may be painful and may also block the fallopian tubes. Pressure is applied to the affected area, gently manipulating the tissue. Women with a history of pelvic or abdominal infections, those who have received radiation therapy and those who have undergo cesarean or laparoscopic surgery may be considered good candidates for this type of massage.

Finally, there's the Reiki technique. This is a Japanese technique that helps the patient relax, reduce stress and promote healing. The practitioner will manipulate the life force flowing through the body using their hands. They may start at the head and make their way down, channeling the body's energy. While studies have indicated that the aforementioned massage techniques may provide relief from infertility, there have been no scientific studies that have demonstrated this treatment as an effective one in treating infertility. Women have reported that Reiki massage has been helpful in overcoming infertility, however.

Further studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of massage as a treatment for infertility, but many have already found success. Massage may be helpful in relieving depression, anxiety, fatigue, cramps, headache, stress in the joints, etc. It may also be helpful in aligning the uterus, minimizing discomfort during pregnancy, maintaining healthy blood pressure, improving circulation, reducing retention of fluids, strengthening immunity and may help to prepare the body and muscles for giving birth. Speak with a practitioner in the Portland area for further information regarding the uses and benefits of treatment.

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