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It was recently reported that Diem Brown, a contestant on the reality television show “Real World/Road Rules Challenge,” has decided to undergo a fertility procedure known as egg retrieval and egg freezing. According to news reports, Ms. Brown has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time. Before she undergoes cancer treatment and removal of her remaining ovary, she has decided to undergo fertility procedures to retrieve and freeze her eggs for use in future assistive reproductive technology.
The 30-year-old Brown is currently getting hormone injections in advance of the egg retrieval surgery she is scheduled to have soon. She reports that the whole process, from the first hormone injection to retrieval, takes about 16 days. Says Brown,“If you are interested in egg freezing to preserve your fertility DO IT! I'm so thankful for the technologies we have today and I am kicking myself for not doing this egg freezing process years ago."
To read more about her experiences during the entire retrieval and egg freezing process, follow this link to Diem Brown’s blog on

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