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Causes Of Infertility Questions

Does volume affect male fertility?
Causes Of Infertility -1 answer
I was born with only one testicle, and my wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months with no success. Could my anatomy be a cause of the infertility? How could we find out? Read more
Are home ovulation tests very accurate?
Causes Of Infertility -2 answers
I've been trying to get pregnant for awhile, but my periods are somewhat irregular. It's hard to know when I'm ovulating. Are home ovulation tests worth it, or are there other options I should explore? Read more
Is it true that male infertility can be affected by clothing?
Causes Of Infertility -2 answers
I heard that wearing breifs rather than boxers can cause infertility in men, is this true? Read more
Does pelvic congestion syndrome cause infertility?
Causes Of Infertility -1 answer
I have pelvic congestion syndrome, and have been told it causes infertility, is that true? What are some other causes of infertility? Read more
Is it possible to get pregnant if I have no uterus?
Causes Of Infertility -3 answers
Is this possible? Are there any procedures? Read more
What is the first assisted reproductive technology procedure recommended?
Causes Of Infertility -1 answer
What is the first step infertile couples usually take? Read more
Could infertility be genetic?
Causes Of Infertility -1 answer
My parents had me at a young age, and then tried for years but could never get pregnant again. I am following the same pattern: had a son at 22, am now 36 and been trying for 2 years without success. Coincidenc... Read more
Is smoking really one of the causes of infertility?
Causes Of Infertility -1 answer
I've heard that smoking can cause infertility. What is the connection? Read more
How are the causes of infertility determined?
Causes Of Infertility -1 answer
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. What are some of the tests that a specialist might perform to figure out why we're infertile? I'd just like to know what to expect. Read more

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