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Gestational Carrier Programs Questions

What are the qualifications to be a gestational carrier?
Gestational Carrier Programs -6 answers
Is there a list somewhere that says everything you need to be a gestational carrier? I am looking to carry for friends and want to know if I meet the criteria before giving them false hope. Read more
Can I get a tubal reveral after an ablation? If not, would a gestational carrier be best?
Gestational Carrier Programs -1 answer
I've had an ablation. Despite this, I still have normal, regular periods. If I have tubal reversal, do I have a chance to get pregnant? If not, would a gestational carrier be best? Read more
I want to be a gestational carrier for my best friend. Do I need to ovulate in order for this to happen?
Gestational Carrier Programs -3 answers
I'm a 29-year-old woman. I desire and want to be a gestational surrogate. My best friend and her husband are ready, but first I just need some info. What goes into the process? Do I need to ovulate? Does she ha... Read more
Can a woman who's had a tubal ligation and uterus removed but still has ovaries have a biological child via surrogate?
Gestational Carrier Programs -2 answers
I'm a 44-year-old woman and I have had a tubal and my uterus removed, but I have both ovaries. Can I have a gestational carrier or surrogate carry and deliver my child? (My husband can produce children.) Read more
Is there an age limit to be a Gestational Carrier?
Gestational Carrier Programs -1 answer
I am 36 and considering being a Gestational Carrier for a friend. Is there an age limit? Read more
Gestational Carrier Programs -1 answer
I'm one of the few women who enjoyed everything about pregnancy. I always wanted a third pregnancy but not a third child. Since I'm 54 yrs old (very healthy) is this out of the realm of possibilities? Do I have... Read more

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