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My sister is willing to carry a baby for me and my partner. What's the next step? How much would it cost?
I've had a partial hysterectomy but still have eggs. My sister is willing to carry a baby for me and my partner. What's the next step? How does it work? How much would this cost?
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Can a women get in vitro fertilization if she no longer has a period?
I just turned 50 and don't have a period anymore. Am I still able to get in vitro fertilization done by using a donor's egg and my husbands sperm?
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Will Medicaid pay for a tubal reversal?
Tubal Reversal - 2 answers
I am 37. Me and my husband want to have a baby together. Will Medicaid pay for it?
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I am 52 years old and my partner is 48. Are we eligible to be become parents through surrogacy?
Surrogacy - 1 answer
My partner of 12 years and I would love dearly to have a child. I have had the IVF procedure 6 times without success. Is it possible for us to look into a surrogate? Obviously, my eggs would not be used as I am going through menopause, but with my partners sperm and a donor egg, is this possible?
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Can prostate cancer, if left untreated, affect a man's ejaculate?
General - 1 answer
I'm 60 years old and have prostate cancer. It has not be treated. Can it affect a man's ejaculate? My ejaculate is extremely reduced. So, are the two related? Can the ejaculate volume be restored somehow? If so, how?
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How can I get a sperm donor?
Me and my man have been trying to get pregnant and he has had surgery done. I am fertile and am still having periods. We want to look into sperm donors. How can I find one? Please help
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