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Egg Freezing Questions

Does egg freezing damage the egg at all?
Egg Freezing -2 answers
If an egg is frozen, wouldn't the freezing process damage the egg in some way? Read more
How does the egg freezing process work and is it different for women who are virgins?
Egg Freezing -5 answers
I am 30-year-old virgin. I don't know when I will meet Mr. Right and become married, so I am concerned about my ability to have children in the future. I have considered freezing my eggs. How does the process w... Read more
Is 45 years old too late to consider egg freezing? If so, what are my other alternatives?
Egg Freezing -2 answers
Due to a congenital heart condition I was not really told I could have kids. As I get older, the idea of not having children weighs on my mind. Is 45 or 46 years old too late to consider freezing eggs? If so, w... Read more
What are my chances of becoming pregnant if my eggs are retrieved and placed in a surrogate?
Egg Freezing -1 answer
I am 42 yrs old and had a partial hysterectomy. My husband is 27. We want to retrieve my eggs and have a surrogate. What are the chances of success? Read more
Is it possible to harvest my eggs if I've had a tubal ligation and a uterine ablation?
Egg Freezing -1 answer
I am 43-year-old woman with 3 kids. Divorced now, looking to possibly have my eggs harvested so that I could use a surrogate. I have had a tubal ligation and 2 uterine ablations. I had 6 months of Lupron. Have ... Read more
I'm 47 and had a partial hysterectomy, am I to old to freeze my eggs to use with a surrogate later?
Egg Freezing -1 answer
I am recently remarried and my husband would like to have children. Read more
I am 38 years old....
Egg Freezing -1 answer
I have no partner. Should I consider this procedure? Read more
Is there a limit on the length of egg freezing?
Egg Freezing -2 answers
How long can eggs be stored and still be viable? Read more
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